Here are the real life at Pasir Panjang.
Have a look, what you get for your money.
A few words for explanation.
At top of the page is a map of Pasir Panjang.
All resort places marked as yellow, the green colour is for vegetation, palms or jungle.
White is for white, sandy beach.
The left part of the beach has a lot of corals in the sand, so its marked grey.
Brown is for rocks, interesting for climbing, but not so nice for beach walking.
The thin yellow line at Redang Reef is the wooden walkway over the rocks, to reach the beach.
Maybe a little dangerous for childs or at night.
If you click the small yellow-black arrows,
you see pictures in new windows about the area, where the arrow shows to.
If you click the yellow rectangle with the name of the resort,
you get a new page in this frame with the pictures about the resort.
The resort thumpnails can be seen as high resolution pics in new windows.
800x600 pixel and file size up to 150k

all text, pictures and animations copyright 2001-2006 UC